Lowering Spending in later years

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Lowering Spending in later years

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Is there a way to model spending less in later years of retirement? For example, at age 85 reduce spending by 10% and at age 90 reduce spending another 10%. It seems logical that as once you reach a t certain age you may be less mobile and may not be travelling or going out as much and hence would have lower spending.

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Re: Lowering Spending in later years

Post by jimr »

There's no way to automatically adjust spending by a percentage, but you can specify different spending amounts for different ranges of retirement years.

You'd do this by zeroing out the expenses on the main input page and instead using the additional inputs window to enter your expenses (use "other expenses")

For each range of years, set the start and end age and the amount for expenses for that range.

Be sure the ranges don't overlap or you'll get double counting. To make sure the planner is doing what you expect, be sure to check the detailed view window to verify the year-by-year expense amounts.

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