Portfolio Value at Retirement

A retirement planning tool is only as good as its assumptions and inputs. Share your thoughts or ask questions about the internals of the simulation, built in planner assumptions, or planner inputs.
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Portfolio Value at Retirement

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Hi Jim,

Your model is wonderful. I think it is the right level of complexity for me. I'm trying to get my arms around it to gain confidence. Here's my first question:

The summary lists "Portfolio Value at Retirement", but this value is different from the Median Portfolio Value that is listed for my retirement year under Detailed View tab. In fact the Median Portfolio Value doesn't reach that level for another 9+ years.


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Re: Portfolio Value at Retirement

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Hi Rick,

Thanks for posting. It turns out I've been doing some GUI restructuring lately and I inadvertently displayed the value with the withdrawal for the year added into it.

I've updated the planner software with a fix and if you close your browser and reopen it, you'll get the new version next time you visit the site. You can check the version in the <help> and it should be 2.0.6, built today.

As a reward for finding this issue, if you'd like a copy of the standalone planner, I'd be glad to send you the download info with a free license key. The standalone planner is still in beta, but the key will work on the officially released version. The only catch is I'd like to hear any feedback you have on the new program. If you're interested, please send an email to info@flexibleRetirementPlanner.com



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