future cost decreases..........

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future cost decreases..........

Post by CharlesJk8 »

Thank you kindly for this number cruncher! It is an extraordinary asset.

I'm searching for the best possible approach to enter information for future cost decreases. For my situation, I'll be resigning before I achieve the age for Medicare. I'm evaluating my private protection will run about $16,000/yr until I achieve 65. Once at 65, ideally I'll lessen my yearly retirement spending for wellbeing protection by $10,000.

I'm likewise a pontoon manager. I'm figuring once I achieve 75, I'll likely ride on other individuals' vessels instead I could call my own. That will free up an alternate $10,000 in my yearly retirement spending. How would I demonstrate these cost diminishments on the Planner?

Much obliged for your assistance.

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Re: future cost decreases..........

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I'd suggest entering a base spending amount on the main page that represents your minimum spending over your entire retirement.

Then use click the 'Additional inputs' button. This will bring up a new window that lets you enter more planner inputs with greater detail. In the lower half of this window there's a table where you can enter additional cash flows (income or expenses). Enter your other expenses and specify the appropriate start and end date for each one.
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