Can I rollover ESOP to spouse’s IRA?

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Can I rollover ESOP to spouse’s IRA?

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I’m getting a large ESOP payout next month. My spouse is 7 years older than me. We could retire much earlier if he can gain access to it at 59 1/2. Does the law allow me to rollover my ESOP into an IRA in someone else’s name without a penalty?
And yes, we’re going to do a post-nup that says if we separate or divorce that IRA goes to me. :-)

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Re: Can I rollover ESOP to spouse’s IRA?

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Hello and thanks for visiting the Flexible Retirement Planner user support forum.

This forum is designed to help people use the Flexible Retirement Planner to model their retirement plan. It's not really intended to be a place to get tax advice or general financial planning guidance.

I'd suggest asking your question at a site like or somewhere similar. is a great general purpose discussion group and I think it would be a much better place to get your question answered. They have a strong base of users willing to discuss specific financial planning issues.


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