Annual Retirement Spending and Known Expenses that end

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Annual Retirement Spending and Known Expenses that end

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I am not sure how to report special expenses that I expect not to continue throughout all retirement. Specifically, we are now retired and are now supporting our daughter in college and will do that for the next 6 years (she expects to go to Law School). It seems to me that I should not include that $20,000 per year in the annual retirement expenses but that I should include it as an expense in the additional inputs for the next 6 years. Is that correct?

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Re: Annual Retirement Spending and Known Expenses that end

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You're correct that this is a good use for the "additional inputs" feature of the planner. Click on the additional inputs button, which will open a new window. In this new window, you can enter expenses along with a start and end year.

As you suggest, you shouldn't enter the college expense on the main page, but rather enter it on the additional inputs window for the amounts and periods that you expect.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.


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