Post Retirement Investments

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Post Retirement Investments

Post by bobluck »

Love the Planner. Would it be possible to add the ability for post retirement investments? Currently my Net Income prohibits me from fully funding a Roth, but post retirement this will again be an option. This would be a great feature under the additional inputs section.
Keep up the great work.

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Re: Post Retirement Investments

Post by jimr »

Unless I'm mistaken, additional inputs can support this today. Use the 'Tax Free Savings' option of the drop down in the lower table of additional inputs.

The trick with this approach is that in general, funds for savings contributions materialize out of thin air. During the years before retirement, this isn't a problem because the simulation isn't tracking income and expenses in those years, only savings. Once retirement starts, any cash flows that go into savings need to be offset by an increase in expenses. Alternately, you could offset the savings amount by reducing retirement income during the years you're contributing to tax free savings. The key is to somehow factor in the source of any funds that are contributed into savings post retirement so that the model is consistent.


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