Detailed View and Taxes

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Detailed View and Taxes

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Hi Jimr,

On the detailed view with the Show More Detail selection, i see a column that is labeled "Taxes on RMD" - are these taxes only for the RMD? Is there a column that shows total taxes paid against the the income coming in and the withdrawals from various portfolio types (I'm thinking capital gains against taxable accounts)?

Thank you.

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Re: Detailed View and Taxes

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As you suspected, the Taxes due on RMDs only apply to RMD withdrawals.

The second column in from the right called "Taxes On Withdrawal" shows the taxes due on any withdrawals from the tax deferred portfolio that aren't done for required minimum distributions.

The taxes due on capital gains for taxable accounts are automatically deducted from the portfolio each year as the gains are earned. In other words, the taxable portfolio is carried at a 100% basis, so there are no taxes due on withdrawals.

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