Enhancement to order of portfolio withdrawal

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Enhancement to order of portfolio withdrawal

Post by drbrandt1 »

I continue using this excellent tool for retirement planning. This year I realized that there is an enhancement that would be helpful in my planning. This is definitely a nice to have, not a must have...although now that I say that my OCD is kicking in, informing me he disagrees about that:)

I have a significant taxable account that I have optimized for dividend payout. I love dividends: no commission, steady income. I plan on using the dividends from this account but not ever sell the stock (unless absolutely necessary :-)). If I need additional monies (beyond dividends, pension and SS), I plan on using my IRA monies (before age 70).

To allow modeling the above, it would be nice if the Settings page allowed me to configure portfolio withdrawal order to include withdrawal of a specific % of the taxable accounts (which would be my mean % dividend rate).

Make sense?

Thanks again for your excellent retirement tool!!

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Re: Enhancement to order of portfolio withdrawal

Post by jimr »


Thanks for the kudos on the planner and for the suggestion.

Your idea does make sense to me and I can see how others might also find it useful. I don't think your dividend approach is uncommon at all and I added your comment to my list of nice-to-add features.

The only snag is that I'm not sure when I'll be digging into that part of code again, so I can't say how long it might be before I get to it and I don't want to make any promises.


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