What About Married?

Post questions about how to use the planner and how the planner works as well as comments and suggestions. (If in doubt, post here.)
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What About Married?

Post by fprob »

I'm at the Main Planner Page and don't see where inforamtion regarding my wife is included. For example it asks for my age. Well what about the wife? Doesn't this program handle married couples?

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Re: What About Married?

Post by jimr »

The program can handle any specific cash flows keyed off either spouse's age by tying it to one or the other spouse. For example, if you are 2 years older than your spouse and their social security will start when they reach age 65, you could enter the social security cash flow for your spouse (in additional inputs) starting when you reach age 67.

Does that make sense? If there are any items specific to your spouse that you're unsure how to enter into the planner, let me know and I can try to walk you through how you could handle it. The main thing is to make sure everything is keyed off one or the other spouse's age, regardless of which spouse the cash flow belongs to.


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Re: What About Married?

Post by AllenAndrew »

Married RMD? i understand how to add income (social security benefits for example), but haven't figured how to account for a separate spousal RMD?

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