FRP Beta 04-04-01 w/Roth conversions and tax deferred withdrawal first available for testing

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FRP Beta 04-04-01 w/Roth conversions and tax deferred withdrawal first available for testing

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After years of user requests, I finally took a shot at adding a "Roth Conversion" cashflow type. The change to the sim code turned out to be relatively limited and it wasn't as complicated/disruptive as I thought it might be.

This beta release also includes support for taking withdrawals from the tax deferred portfolio first.

As a beta, this release has had only limited testing and it'll be several months before it goes into production. It you're up for trying it out, download links are below.

07/05/2021 04.04.01beta7
- Changed startup code to set heap with heap-size instead of heap-percent
- Added support for ROTH conversion cashflow type in Additional Inputs.
- Added option to withdraw from tax deferred portfolio first.
- Added presets for Retirement Year-5 through Retirement Year+9 in Additional Inputs.
- Moved Min IRA Withdrawal Age input to Settings and added early withdrawal penalty percent.
- Updated IRS Uniform Lifetime Table for RMDs from 2002 version to 2022 version.
- Updated jre to latest version.
- Added 2 decimal places to prob of success in detailed view table.

Here's the windows download link: https://www.flexibleretirementplanner.c ... -setup.exe

Here's a link to the .zip for mac: https://www.flexibleretirementplanner.c ...
(IMPORTANT: For mac/linux users, be sure to go into manual-install and click on the frp.jar file to run the planner. Clicking the .jnlp file to launch the planner launches the official release version from the FRP website, not the new beta version)

(NOTE: if you use this new version and later decide to back-rev, any .frp files you save will not load with older versions of the planner. To fix this, you'd need to manually edit the .frp file to remove any unrecognized entries (not recommended).
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