Suggestion for standalone application - new 'feature'

This forum is for the FRP standalone version. This version runs as an application on your own computer instead of in your web browser.
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Suggestion for standalone application - new 'feature'

Post by themurfs » Sun Nov 04, 2012 12:01 pm

In Standalone application, something that would be nice new feature (assuming this still supported/enhanced) would be free text field on the "Additional Inputs" dialog when specifying "Cashflow Type" of "Other Expenses".

For example, I've added "Other Expenses" for couple of one-time purchases of new car and one time house repair expense. When these are in the table along with other "Other Expenses", hard to distinguish which is which for including/excluding in a Run.

If there was new free form text field (could be added below "Taxable Percent" field) to type in things like "car", "redo Bath", etc, then put the free form text in the table. It would be ok to make the table scrollable horizontally and the free form 'hidden' on the right - the free form text is for reference and would be used only occasionally to confirm what "Other Expenses" that have been added to the table.

:) btw -I'm still extremely happy with the program - been almost 2 years now, doing re-run every 3 months or so to confirm changes to 'stuff' and try out new ideas. Even expanded use to create scenario for elderly parents regarding what they do/don't need to live on.

Mike M.

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Re: Suggestion for standalone application - new 'feature'

Post by admin » Sun Nov 04, 2012 2:45 pm

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the post, the suggestion, and for the kudos on the planner.

As it happens, I implemented something very similar to your request in the latest version of the planner and I'd be happy to send you an updated copy of it if you send me an email.



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