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Some posting guidelines

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Please feel free to post questions and comments about the planner here. You might want to try using the forum search feature to see if someone has already asked a question similar to yours.

Also, please be careful about posting personal financial information as this is obviously a public forum. You can post anonymously, but your IP address is logged when you do and although I've tried to keep the server locked down and secure, as with any Internet site, it's theoretically possible that the site could get hacked and your email and IP addresses uncovered.

Next, please realize that I can't provide investment advice of any kind on this forum. I'm not a professional and it's not my business. I am in the education business and I'm very happy to help you work through how to use the planner and how you might enter any specific situations you're struggling with. I cannot do your plan for you or provide specific recommendations about your personal financial situation. There are folks on the bogleheads forum who are willing to respond to personal investment and asset allocation questions and in general I've found them to be a fantastic community.

Finally, please don't spam the forum or its users with gratuitous web-site promotions or for any other reason. I take a hard line on spam and will remove spm posts without warning and will ban any users/IPs who persist in abusing the forum.

Although I can't guarantee a response time, I will try to answer posts within a day or so.

Thanks for trying out the planner and for participating in the forum,

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