FRP version 4.3 released with user settable RMD start age

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FRP version 4.3 released with user settable RMD start age

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01/05/2021 04.03.04
- Updated copyright notice
- Fixed display bug in detailed results table when RMD Start Age is less than retirement age.
- Fixed threading bug in sensitivity analysis that could cause timeout/memory error
- Changed non-portfolio median arrays back to int to reduce sim memory footprint
- Updated jre to latest version
- Increased maximum number of scenarios from 10 to 20
- Fixed formatting bug in percentage input fields.

07/10/2020 04.03.03
- Added control to show age instead of calendar year on x-axis of results graph
- Added columns to detailed view for tax on income and total tax paid (right-click column header to show)
- Fixed calculation used to show taxes on portfolio growth in detailed view (display only - no sim calc changes)
- Increased precision of inflation adjustments (causes slightly more conservative portfolio growth estimates)
- Changed goal-seek-on-savings-amount to handle lump sum added in retirement year
- Increased footer font size on screenshot pages w/high dpi display in report printing
- Changed arrays used for portfolio median calculations from int to long for increased range

01/14/2020 04.03.02
- Updated embedded jav runtime to use 32bit vesion instead of 64bit version.

01/07/2020 04.03.01
- Changed RMD start age default to 72 based on SECURE ACT legislation.
- Support for Java versions 12-13 including dpi-aware display scaling.
- Changed calculation used for portfolio value at retirement when retirement is at start of plan.
- Added right-mouse export option to additional inputs tables.
- Adjusted formatting for right-hand text panel in sensitivity analysis window.
- Misc minor gui adjustments to improve support for high resolution displays.
- Improved performance of sensitivity analysis feature.
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