Mortality and Percentiles

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Mortality and Percentiles

Post by jasfry »

Couple quick questions as I have been exploring this simulation software....

1. Does this Monte Carlo simulation support variation of mortality using the Annuity 2000 table?
2. Does this simulation have a mortality improvement?
3. Is there a way view and print the 25th, 50th, 75th and 90th percentiles when running models?

I am trying to run very simple models to see the outcomes and these three items are a must have...thanks for you assistance.

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Re: Mortality and Percentiles

Post by jimr »

The model lets you specify the age at end of plan and the sensitivity analysis feature lets you run sensitivity analysis on the plan end age to see how changes impact the plan's probability of success.

The output shows the median and the 90/10% percentile portfolio values, but it doesn't show the 75/25 percentile portfolio value.

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