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This really looks quite excellent.
Lack of hype and ability to reset all the variables make it appear very trustworthy,
Is it possible to view the dollar amount of taxes deducted each year ?

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Re: Taxes

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I'm glad you're finding the planner helpful. In the detailed output tab, there's a radio button on the top-right of the window with a label 'show more detail' that adds a bunch of extra columns to the year-by-year display.

If that doesn't have what you're looking for, you can also right-mouse on the year-by-year table header and select the 'show all columns' option to add even more. If you can't fit everything on your screen and you're using the standalone planner, you can export the table data by right-mouse clicking anywhere in the table and selecting export from the right-mouse menu.

I think the only thing that isn't shown in the output table is the tax on portfolio growth. In each year where the portfolio return is positive, any gain is reduced by the investment tax rate before it's added back into the portfolio. In years where the portfolio return is negative, the loss is reduced by the tax rate also.


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