spouse's income

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spouse's income

Post by msquirk16 »

I still don't understand how I indicated income for my spouse. I'm I suppose to combine our incomes, including social security?

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Re: spouse's income

Post by jimr »

There's no one right answer, but a good approach is to use 'Additional Inputs' and create a separate entry for each income source for each spouse.

The entire plan must be keyed off the age of one spouse or the other, so choose either spouse and base all ages specified anywhere in the plan off that spouse.

For example, if one spouse is 5 years older than the other spouse and both spouses will start SS at the age of 67, then perhaps key all ages off the older spouse. In this case, the SS entry for the older spouse will show a start age of 67, while the SS entry for the younger spouse will show a start age of 72 (older spouse is 72 when younger spouse is 67).

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