To use the Flexible Retirement Planner software, you must agree to the terms of the Software Licensing Agreement.

The Flexible Retirement Planner is free for use by individuals for non-commercial purposes. Educators and trainers may also use the planner free of charge for educational purposes.   Non-commercial users, if desired, may obtain a personal-use license key by making a voluntary contribution to support Random Walk Ventures, LLC’s software development efforts.

Make a Contribution

If you make a voluntary contribution of any amount, you’ll receive a personal-use license key that you can enter into the program.  This will eliminate the license popup window that appears each time the program is launched and will remove the ‘Evaluation’ and ‘Unlicensed’ messages that appear in various windows and in the program’s printed output.

All other commercial users of the Flexible Retirement Planner software must purchase a commercial/professional use license.  A professional use license authorizes financial advisors and others to use The Flexible Retirement Planner software for commercial purposes. Applying the provided license key will change the planner to a ‘Professional’ version and remove the program’s ‘no commercial use’ limitations and warnings. Licensing the planner will also change the print banner to reflect that the planner is licensed for professional use.

For more details about commercial licensing or to purchase a commercial/professional use license through PayPal, please visit our professional use licensing page by clicking the button below.

Professional Use Licensing