Planner Launch Page

There are two ways to run the Flexible Retirement Planner.

1) Download and install the standalone version of the planner

  • Allows you to save inputs and settings and manage multiple retirement scenarios
  • Automatically adjusts text size and window layout to display resolution (for high-dpi monitors)
  • Runs without a connection to the Internet
  • The main program window is resizable
  • The free download is available here

2) Launch the planner using Java Web Start

  • Clicking a link downloads a small file with embedded launch instructions
  • The launch file (.jnlp) can be saved on your computer for quick access later
  • Clicking on the launch file instructs Java to run the planner
  • You must be connected to the Internet any time you want to run the software
  • The main program window size is fixed (.jnlp file can be edited to change)
  • click the link below that best fits your monitor resolution
Both options require Java to be installed on your computer, but do not require the Java browser plugin.
You can download the latest version of Java at